Saturday, February 18, 2012

QCal: The most Beautiful Qt quick calculator ever made for Symbian

Currently Qcal is being submitted to QA in Nokia store for Symbian devices, Both Anna and Belle.
Hope it could be up in Store by Next week.

There will be two versions, One paid, that'd have the minimum price level of Nokia store and one free.
The free version will only lack equation solving with brackets, like 4*(2+2) and the auxiliary number system converter. Though both the versions will get lots of new features in next release

The speciality of Qcal being completely designed in Qt quick components, for those (like me) who love the look and feel of symbian Qt-quick elements. It has been taken care to design the UI in line for day to day usage, also keeping in mind the need for advanced users.
Spacious thumbable buttons have been combined with the Flipping design, for effective screen estate usage. Option of system keyboard has been kept for cut copy paste functions in the default Qt style.

Suggestions and requests are welcome on most-used functions needed in the keyboard, (if any). You can long press the hyperbolic trigonometric functions to access their inverse.
Here's a little trailer:

UPDATE (9th March) :
The app is now available from Nokia Store, along with a new version that supports the cool swype feature as in my 2Do app.
The free version is in QA since 5 days, it will be out soon, maybe in one more day probably.


Swype enabled version:
Pro version :


  1. i've bought the paid version and installed in nokia e6 anna, but how to use parenthesis ? for example 2^(1/6), i cannot get what the result supposed to be. thank you.

    1. You need to start with a parenthesis. First click on "(".
      The equation would be like ( 2 * (1/6
      No need for last ending parenthesis, app will handle it.

      But you can only use four operations in equation +, -, /, *
      I'm looking into improving it

  2. hi there; have asked this question but can't find where I asked it. Doh!
    Downloaded Qcal for my Nokia N8-00 and want the full version (hate the 'upgrade now' screen) but when I go to the site it tells me that this product is no longer being supported. Are you still doing the full version or is there a way of getting rid of the splash screen with the upgrade reminder.
    Ian Hunter

  3. Does this calculator support order of operations without using parenthesis?

    1. Yes, it does, just begin the equation with a parenthesis. It will auto allocate ending parentheses. Only arithmatic operations supported inside equation