Thursday, December 13, 2012

ShareBoard for N9 (Meego-Harmattan) ....and Symbian

Just a small functionality I missed in N9 was that I had no option to fast-share a status update or post to both social networks from a single page.

ShareBoard has been made to fill in that gap.
The app loads up quite fast, so that you can start sharing whenever you wish.
You can post one photo along with a status update.
Toggle switches below set which networks update will be shared to.
Have a nice time trying out the app, and give feedbacks and suggestions. Also, you can notice that I'm not a good icon artist :p Any help in that field would be appreciated.

Content is currently available from Nokia Store.
And symbian version is under review and will be available soon.

Now available from nokia store :

This app uses the socialConnect QML library from

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Photo upload coming to Blob

Blogger and WordPress client for Symbian and Meego, Blob will be finally getting the much requested "Photo upload" feature. Thanks to ShwStppr (Abhishek Kumar) for helping me out with the C++ stuff of file handling. Update is possible only because of him :)

The upload mechanism isn't 100% polished and might have small bugs here and there. (Mostly because my 1 year old C7 has been acting weird recently and giving a different result than my beta testers). Anyway, I've submitted the update for Blob paid version in Symbian. Hopefully, which might go live by next weekend. I'm looking forward to feedback and fix bugs (if any) and then update it for MeeGo also.
The update for Symbian free version will also be pushed soon.

Download links :
Blob Paid :
Blob Free (MeeGo and Symbian) :

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Custom keyboard for N9 with Swype style long-press chars.

Here's something interesting for those N9ers who, like me are used to the long press functionality of Swype keyboard. But unfortunately the long press choices in stock keyboard aren't much useful.
For that, I present you English (XT) keyboard that has long press chars as in Swype. Actually I made it for my personal use, but decided to share it.

The installation instructions are a little unorthodox since I haven't made any installer. But this techniques are familiar to most N9ers ;)

(Also an easy way : use the MesInput app from Nokia store, and download this keyboard with id : 1064020 . And you are done!! )

Download the xml file from here.

Put it directly in MyDocs

Enable developer mode in your N9,
Go to terminal and type

$ devel-su (password is rootme)
# cp /home/user/MyDocs/en_ext.xml /usr/share/meegotouch/virtual-keyboard/layouts/

Go to text inputs setting and activate the English(XT) keyboard

Swipe KB to access XT variant.

Enjoy long-pressing :)

Friday, September 7, 2012

MeeGo on Symbian? Almost ;) Meet MeeCal

Meet MeeCal, a simple calculator that is a clone of the default calculator in N9. Only difference is that it runs on symbian :D

The UI and UX has been optimised and designed for maximum match with the MeeGo app. Along with the inherited awesome graphics style.

The most awesome feature being swipe down to close the app. And swipe sideways to minimize. You've to start the swipe from the extreme edge of the screen.

Also the superfast startup time is something to look forward to :)

A paid and free version is submitted to QA and will be available by next weekend.

Hope you enjoy the swiping on your symbian

Monday, July 23, 2012

Welcome Blob v2 !

A little late on the announcement, I was busy perfecting v2 for MeeGo.

The new version for Symbian has already arrived in store few days back. Current version being 2.0.1 along with a bug fix from v2.0.0.

Changelog goes as follows:

• Added support for WordPress (Now its a dual client ).
• Add, edit, delete, read WordPress blogs, and everything you did with Blogger earlier.
• Read "freshly pressed" WordPress blogs
• Read blogs by entering url also in guest mode (apart from sites, some websites like , seem to work )
• Threaded comments in WordPress (nested)
• Long press to show Link sharing options, including Pocket integration (did I announce it before? :p )

Nothing more I could remember atm, except few UI changes..
Thanks to everyone for their support and interest. It's been a nice experience :)

MeeGo version is on its way too.


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Blob version 2, literally ;)

When I say version 2, I mean it.
Blob will just get twice of everything it had.

A WordPress module will be added with basic posting, editing + reader by Url, "Freshly pressed" reader, etc..

Most interesting feature is gonna be threaded comments, which Blogger APi hasn't let me implement.
But I've done that with wordPress, in style ;)

You might say that we already have cutepress for that, but FYI, Blob is using a diff API, which has a few extra abilities, and few missing functions. I don't want any competition with CutePress, so kindly, don't compare.. It's different things from different aspects

A let down is that self hosted sites aren't supported yet, but WP support tells me that I could soon support them with JetPack.. Hope "soon" means soon..

The update is under development and private beta, drop me a comment if interested in Beta testing.

Stay tuned :)


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bug Explanation : Connection Error 400 in Blob

Some people has been complaining that Blob is giving a error in connection problem on trying to publish posts.
The error code 400 is returned when the server doesn't recognize the sent data.
It is a limitation of blogger server that it accepts data in only xml format which is quite strict in rules.
If you miss one slash, or forget to close one html tag, the whole request becomes invalid.
Whereas all other major APIs use json data, blogger keeps using this tedious and tricky method (one of the reason why there aren't many blogger clients)

Due to this problem, if you create a new post with simple html tags, blob will handle it fine, but there might be occasional problems while editing an existing post with complex tags..(more if you mess up the html tags)

I'll be looking into a way to validate the post before requesting, but that'd be complex..
In the meantime, if you get those errors, offline save the thing, then try removing some part of the post and online draft it, to check which part/html code is causing the error.

Sorry for the trouble and inconvenience, but this is Blogger's fault as much as mine.


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Qcal joins the Meego party

After a huge response to Qcal in symbian platform, the calculator app now has set sails for the famous Meego.
Due to lack of a device there might be some glitches in font sizes, as the simulator went nuts in that department.
Users are requested to report back if there's any issue. I'd fix 'em as soon as possible.

The only feature missing from symbian version is the ability to copy result to clipboard, which will be added in next update.

Qcal Pro Meego version is currently in QA, which is a paid (currently free) item. A free version just like symbian is also coming soon.

Thanks to @knobtviker , and @logonAniket and @moritzJT for testing and feedback

Screenshots :

Monday, April 30, 2012

Blob updated to version 1.0.1

A few weeks since first release, and Blob has got a big update, crossing the 1.0 mark in version number.
The app is much more stable now, and better optimized for user ease.

Some of the main changes include

1. Offline working ability with local drafts.
2. There's a new feature of clipboard manager, which stores your clipboard data for later access
3. Text editing is more optimized (select text and apply formatting)
4. An extended help section
5. Optimized settings page
6. Preview option in post editor
7. UI optimization
8. And a few dead bugs :D

A few issues, like photo upload and optimization of comment section are looked in to

Please note that the free version won't get this update, but the next ver 1.1 update will come to both the free and paid version together.

You can get the app from Nokia store from the following links

Friday, April 6, 2012

ClipBook : Clipboard manager for Symbian


A clipboard history manager app.

By phone, you can only access the last item you copied, but ClipBook lets you access all the text items you cut, copied and pasted by your phone's default clipboard since starting this app.

NOTE: App needs to be running in background to access and manage clipboard.

Currently the app supports only copying items from its history list. More features could be added easily if suggested by users. Next update will bring ability to access previous history even after restarting app.
This feature is already available.

ClipBook is available at Nokia store for free from here

Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Blogger App for Symbian, Finally!!

Good news for those die hard bloggers like me, who missed a blogger app on symbian platform since the beginning of time... Ahh, well, the wait is gonna be finally over now.

I'm updating these lines from the app itself. A little rough around the edges, but taking shape.

Update March 16: All rough edges have been taken care of. Adding some extra features to make it more elegant. Will be adding screenshots soon

Update March 25: App is complete. Submitting to store today. Turned out better than I expected. :)

Blob is currently available from Nokia store Blob download
You can read a nice detailed review of the app by @Vishwaskrishna from here

A free feature locked free version is available from here Blob Free download

Watch out this space for more updates soon ;)


Post List

Blog List

Post Details

Comments Page

Post creator with custom text editor, clipboard manager, and an awesome rich text  editor

Title field, labels, date time editor : tabbed when keyboard closed.
(Hidden when keyboard open)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

2Do: Another daily task manager, with a twist

There has been no shortage of ToDo apps recently. But most of the apps, trying to achieve too less or too little, fail to provide a smooth experience to the end user.
2Do, in this regard focuses on basic offline capabilities to deliver a fast and straightforward personal task management.
Main feature of the UX being a beautiful Swype enabled list access, where user can scroll both vertically and horizontally.
Horizontal swyping gives access to the three list categorised on priority level "Important", "Normal" & "Low"
Multiple entries could be stored in each list, which could be accessed swping vertically.
Each entry could be supplied with a note(optional). Modification time is automatically stored. Checkbox is provided on each entry to quickly toggle entry status.
Clicking on the entry takes user to EDIT page, (long click opens context menu) giving access to all the info and the default Qt text editor. With options to insert present or custom date time footer.
There's an option to mass delete completed entries, which could be found and deleted permanantly in the archieves page

The whole UI is based on Qt Quick elements thus making it natively fluid and visually elegant.
Future versions will have more features in the entries, and more flexible handling options. Online sync is also being looked in to.

All feedback and support will be hugely appreciated.

The app is currently available from Nokia store. 
From here (A free version is also planned)


Saturday, February 18, 2012

QCal: The most Beautiful Qt quick calculator ever made for Symbian

Currently Qcal is being submitted to QA in Nokia store for Symbian devices, Both Anna and Belle.
Hope it could be up in Store by Next week.

There will be two versions, One paid, that'd have the minimum price level of Nokia store and one free.
The free version will only lack equation solving with brackets, like 4*(2+2) and the auxiliary number system converter. Though both the versions will get lots of new features in next release

The speciality of Qcal being completely designed in Qt quick components, for those (like me) who love the look and feel of symbian Qt-quick elements. It has been taken care to design the UI in line for day to day usage, also keeping in mind the need for advanced users.
Spacious thumbable buttons have been combined with the Flipping design, for effective screen estate usage. Option of system keyboard has been kept for cut copy paste functions in the default Qt style.

Suggestions and requests are welcome on most-used functions needed in the keyboard, (if any). You can long press the hyperbolic trigonometric functions to access their inverse.
Here's a little trailer:

UPDATE (9th March) :
The app is now available from Nokia Store, along with a new version that supports the cool swype feature as in my 2Do app.
The free version is in QA since 5 days, it will be out soon, maybe in one more day probably.


Swype enabled version:
Pro version :