Monday, July 23, 2012

Welcome Blob v2 !

A little late on the announcement, I was busy perfecting v2 for MeeGo.

The new version for Symbian has already arrived in store few days back. Current version being 2.0.1 along with a bug fix from v2.0.0.

Changelog goes as follows:

• Added support for WordPress (Now its a dual client ).
• Add, edit, delete, read WordPress blogs, and everything you did with Blogger earlier.
• Read "freshly pressed" WordPress blogs
• Read blogs by entering url also in guest mode (apart from sites, some websites like , seem to work )
• Threaded comments in WordPress (nested)
• Long press to show Link sharing options, including Pocket integration (did I announce it before? :p )

Nothing more I could remember atm, except few UI changes..
Thanks to everyone for their support and interest. It's been a nice experience :)

MeeGo version is on its way too.