Monday, April 30, 2012

Blob updated to version 1.0.1

A few weeks since first release, and Blob has got a big update, crossing the 1.0 mark in version number.
The app is much more stable now, and better optimized for user ease.

Some of the main changes include

1. Offline working ability with local drafts.
2. There's a new feature of clipboard manager, which stores your clipboard data for later access
3. Text editing is more optimized (select text and apply formatting)
4. An extended help section
5. Optimized settings page
6. Preview option in post editor
7. UI optimization
8. And a few dead bugs :D

A few issues, like photo upload and optimization of comment section are looked in to

Please note that the free version won't get this update, but the next ver 1.1 update will come to both the free and paid version together.

You can get the app from Nokia store from the following links


  1. Paid version not available on Nokia E6

    1. Yes. Thanks to weird QA from Nokia store. They didn't pass the E6 version, dunno why. I mailed them twice, they din't reply yet.
      Is the free version available now? Or QA failed it too?

      N.B. There was no need to give a one star review for that!