Monday, July 23, 2012

Welcome Blob v2 !

A little late on the announcement, I was busy perfecting v2 for MeeGo.

The new version for Symbian has already arrived in store few days back. Current version being 2.0.1 along with a bug fix from v2.0.0.

Changelog goes as follows:

• Added support for WordPress (Now its a dual client ).
• Add, edit, delete, read WordPress blogs, and everything you did with Blogger earlier.
• Read "freshly pressed" WordPress blogs
• Read blogs by entering url also in guest mode (apart from sites, some websites like , seem to work )
• Threaded comments in WordPress (nested)
• Long press to show Link sharing options, including Pocket integration (did I announce it before? :p )

Nothing more I could remember atm, except few UI changes..
Thanks to everyone for their support and interest. It's been a nice experience :)

MeeGo version is on its way too.



  1. Thanks for the great new version. Just one note/question: why during selection of services in horizontal orientation (Nokia E7) the screen garbles up like this: It is not a big deal - after all, most people will see this screen only once or twice, but it'd be nice to fix such small glitches.

    Sadly, I missed the time to become Blob beta tester, so for now this is the only channel available for me to report bugs found in the release version :)

    Or maybe this is fixed already in v2.0.1? I have only 2.0.0.

  2. Thanks for reporting the issue but as far as it seems, this is a inbuilt component problem and would happen only when screen is rotated after page is loaded. I'll still check it out.
    And for faster contact u can reach me via @Anand_Bibek on twitter


  3. This may not be the correct site to ask this but . . .I have just downloaded Qcal for my Nokia 8-00 (Symbian) - an excellent calculator but it keeps asking me to upgrade to the full version. I would love to upgrade but the Nokia site tells me that the full version is not supported. Can you (a) sell me the full version or (b) tell me how to disable the 'upgrade to full' splash screen.

    1. Could you specify which phone you are using and which firmware? Anna?

    2. Full.version is available here