Saturday, October 20, 2012

Photo upload coming to Blob

Blogger and WordPress client for Symbian and Meego, Blob will be finally getting the much requested "Photo upload" feature. Thanks to ShwStppr (Abhishek Kumar) for helping me out with the C++ stuff of file handling. Update is possible only because of him :)

The upload mechanism isn't 100% polished and might have small bugs here and there. (Mostly because my 1 year old C7 has been acting weird recently and giving a different result than my beta testers). Anyway, I've submitted the update for Blob paid version in Symbian. Hopefully, which might go live by next weekend. I'm looking forward to feedback and fix bugs (if any) and then update it for MeeGo also.
The update for Symbian free version will also be pushed soon.

Download links :
Blob Paid :
Blob Free (MeeGo and Symbian) :


  1. Hi, can you please help me out with blob? Whenever I create a post, I always get an error message saying Google API Error 400 something. I don't get the exact message but it's something like that. Please help.

  2. Photo upload has really improved Blob. Since the mechanism creates an URL for embedding into a post's html code (after the upload completed), I could think of that it could be adapted for other image locations, say Flickr (others may prefer Tumblr, Instagram or FB)

  3. Hi, does it provide offline preparation of posts including images, or do you first have to upload the image and then insert the hyperlink? I need a full offline app including image insertion.

  4. I love Blob, and please, it's possible to you to make Blob for Windows Phone?

    Please, please, please!

  5. pls why is it not possible to upload photos from phone(symbian belle) using a blogger and enjoy using blob but am been limited to its satisfaction because of the inability for blob to enable me upload images to my bog...pls i need help

    1. Photo upload is possible in blob. In edit post screen, click on insert, then click images. There would be an option to upload images along with other settings.
      You'd have to login to picasa to upload photos.