Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Open Sourcing my Symbian and Harmattan apps : Shareboard S3 version

Since I'm not able to actively maintain and update my apps for Symbian and Harmattan, I've decided I'd be making them open source one by one.

To begin with, today I give you full source code of Shareboard Symbian 3 version.

Let me know if you face any problems in building it, if you do. I hope I haven't missed any files while committing.
And in case you carry over my project, or implement it somewhere else, please drop me a mail, or a comment anywhere just that I know. That'd give me immense pleasure knowing my code still lives on.

It's quite an emotional moment to bid final goodbyes to Symbian this way.. This codes contain hours of my effort of my initial coding days... those humid evenings of summer after college and chilling mornings, when learning Qt and trying out the apps on my C7 ran a chill down the spine.

Thank you Symbian for making me what I'm known as today. For showing me where I had to go in life and for being there when I needed the inspiration after a depressing phase in life.

Here I end the most emotional 'open-sourcing' blog post of history, with a assurance that I'd try to keep this app working and push fixes in case serious bugs pop up. Just let me know.

Thank you symbian fans.


  1. :'( can you release the source code for cal pro ?

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