Saturday, September 26, 2015

Open sourcing Clipbook and Shareboard for Meego

This is a continuation of my previous post which falls under my pledge to open source all my apps that I no longer develop.

"ClipBook"The award winning clipbook app for Legendary Nokia N9 running Meego - Harmattan. One of the first few apps that popularised the concept of clipbook history, even before famous implementations of LG and UC Browser grabbed everyone's attention. This app was among the top 8 apps qualified for LinuxTag 2012 App Contest's prize of a brand new shiny Nokia N9 developer device, which was my dream device at that time. 

This was one of the more advanced and sophisticated apps I coded at that time. With background daemon, event feed publishing, event based action to minimise battery consumption, auto start and modular directory based project

Shareboard for MeeGo A small app to fast-share a status update or post to both social networks, FB and Twitter, from a single page. Problem is FB posting is no longer working as Facebook API key is obsolete. Fb has made it hard to pass verification of apps for posting permission because they only validate Android, Windows, IOS apps now. Twitter key works, but not verified recently.

I was not an expert in using Git at that time, so the commits are squashed. If any problems, please reach me via email ananda.bibek at gmail, I'll get back to you.
I do hope this code can be ported to Jolla Sailfish devices to some extent. But I have not worked on it, so I have no idea.

In case you carry over my project, or implement it somewhere else, please drop me a mail, or a comment anywhere just that I know. That'd give me immense pleasure knowing my code still lives on..

The apps are available for download at, (though not maintained anymore)


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