Saturday, June 16, 2012

Blob version 2, literally ;)

When I say version 2, I mean it.
Blob will just get twice of everything it had.

A WordPress module will be added with basic posting, editing + reader by Url, "Freshly pressed" reader, etc..

Most interesting feature is gonna be threaded comments, which Blogger APi hasn't let me implement.
But I've done that with wordPress, in style ;)

You might say that we already have cutepress for that, but FYI, Blob is using a diff API, which has a few extra abilities, and few missing functions. I don't want any competition with CutePress, so kindly, don't compare.. It's different things from different aspects

A let down is that self hosted sites aren't supported yet, but WP support tells me that I could soon support them with JetPack.. Hope "soon" means soon..

The update is under development and private beta, drop me a comment if interested in Beta testing.

Stay tuned :)



  1. if u need a beta tester and a portuguese (brazilian) translator.. I'm here!

  2. I want to be a beta tester!!! Choose me, please!

  3. Beta testing is over now . It'd be live on store by next week :)
    Thanks for your interest. Look forward to next beta testing period